Entry #6

New Art!

2009-07-14 18:47:03 by Deso

I'm into art right know, so I'll be posting some of my old and new art the next couple of days. Check them out and tell me how you like it!
Here's a small preview of my Earth picture:

New Art!


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2009-07-14 18:49:45

Holy shhhhhhit.

Deso responds:

I take that as a compliment ;)


2009-07-14 18:55:11

That looks fantastic.

Deso responds:

Thanks very much dude!


2009-07-14 19:15:09

that's awesome :D

Deso responds:

Thank you :3


2009-07-14 19:32:38

so what satellite company did you pay for the rights to their photography of astronomic proportions

Deso responds:

The texture maps are property of the University of M√ľnster.


2009-07-14 19:32:57

of the earth texture of course

(Updated ) Deso responds:

The earth texture is the blue marble texture from NASA. It is free for everyone. I tweaked it with GIMP. Same with the night view specular map. ;)
The cloud and moon textures are from my university's astronomy archive.


2009-07-15 00:47:51

very niiiice!!

Deso responds:

Thank you!


2009-07-27 11:33:55

your flashes are cool i guess.

Deso responds:

Thanks man!


2009-11-08 15:05:42

great, you added the moon which i didnt expect from people because they forget! awesome!!!

(Updated ) Deso responds:

Hehe. ;)