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Posted by Deso - July 14th, 2009

I'm into art right know, so I'll be posting some of my old and new art the next couple of days. Check them out and tell me how you like it!
Here's a small preview of my Earth picture:

New Art!

Posted by Deso - July 25th, 2007

The complex menu is fairly done and the game itself is getting more and more shape. The name will be "Commando Strike" and that's how the content is: a mixture of CS and C&C. I think the graphics are amazing for Flash and it works pretty fast, so hurray to Flash CS3.
I try to put a small storyline in it so the game will contain a campaign modus. There are also 2 other modi: the target shooting (timeattack) and the sparring modus (tutorial).
My game also includes a big extra zone, where every special and secret notes are saved.
Check out NG Alpha for a small demo version, screenshots and more information in the next days.

The progress of this game has stopped October 2007.

Programms in use:
Flash CS3
Fireworks CS3
Photoshop CS2
Freehand MX
MP3 Workshop
GoldWave 5

Starting date: 23.07.2007
Release date: DNF

* 23.07.07 Starting to program the menu.
* 28.07.07 Name changed to "Silent Strike".
* 03.08.07 First recording session was quite funny :D
>> Next session is comming soon also the storyline will be build up then.
* 13.08.07: Starting to program the game.
* 15.08.09: CANCELLED SO FAR...!:
I could not finish this 'cause of my chemistry studies. The main data is lost and my motivation for this is gone. Trying some things with Java atm. There will maybe a new Sudoku version soon.

My new game is starting to get shape! CANCELLED!

Posted by Deso - July 23rd, 2007

Play the ultimate Sudoku at my flash submissions!

Posted by Deso - July 21st, 2007

After fixing every bug in Sudoku II, the new project Sudoku Omega begings. It won't be an installment of Sudoku II, it will be different and more fun, with no more bugs and only one solution per Sudoku!

Version Omega Changes:
* completely redone code
>> incredible speed increase (0.006 seconds generating time instead of 5 seconds)
>> no more bugs
* new Sudoku engine
>> no bugs anymore
>> better Sudokus
* new color theme (fire orange)
* new level system
* more fun, more score, bigger challange
* ultimate difficulty at level 20

It's out and my last Sudoku for a while. I'm trying out other things from now.

Sudoku Omega

Posted by Deso - July 19th, 2007

It will be out tomorow I think. It's already done, only music has to be attached.
New features are included and the difficulty is balanced.
There will be no updated version of Sudoku 2007 (it stays at v1.0 forever)!

Version 2.0 Changes:
* new color theme (crystal blue)
* small bug fixes and a few code improvements
* balanced difficulties
* better indication of preset fields
* choice of symmetrical or asymmetrical Sudoku (the asymmetrical is more difficult)
* music player
* no "locked" fields anymore
* no disturbing bonus countdown (just the bar at the bottom)
* improved score system

It is out! Check it!!!

Posted by Deso - July 19th, 2007

A second version of Sudoku 2007 is currently under construction and a new flashgame by me too. I will post a preview version of it today I think.
So long